A note to our customers affected by the outage

(Updated 11/04/2021) Unfortunately we are still seeing a significant portion of customers affected by irregular/inconsistent connectivity despite assurances by the carrier and channel partners that normal connectivity has or should have resumed. We are continuing to work to restore better connectivity for everyone. However, at this time, we are unable to reliably or confidently provide a timeline for full restoral.

We have been working with other carriers for a solution for those customers who are still affected and have introduced 2 new data plans here and here. Please make sure to follow appropriate ordering guidelines so the account is properly credited for service downtime.

There have been multiple remote updates pushed out to the MoFi Gateways over the last several days. If you are still encountering sporadic disconnects, please click here for a new firmware that includes updated settings and Gateway optimization as recommended by the carrier. A video tutorial by MoFi Network on how to perform the update can also be found here.

If you are still without service because your replacement SIM is still in transit, was shipped to an incorrect address, or was returned to sender, please update your shipping address here and email us at simreplacement@ubifi.net.

If you received the new SIM but were not able to update the Access Point as described, please click here.

We apologize for how frustrating this ordeal has been for you and your families, because we know how much it has been for us and ours.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we are working through this.