High-Speed Internet for Rural Areas in America

Since its founding in 2017, UbiFi has consistently strived to be the best rural Internet service provider in the States. To fulfill its core mission of establishing high-quality, accessible unlimited 4G Internet connection anywhere in America, UbiFi has developed products and services to provide a suitable alternative to satellite Internet or mainstream wireless Internet providers. Through its nationwide 4G LTE network, UbiFi offers customers coverage that reaches the most remote areas of the United States.

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How It Works

Data Plans starting at  $129.99/mo

14-Day Service Trial Included with purchase of Gateway

MOFI 4500 4G LTE Router


4G LTE Modem

Advanced 4G/LTE Category 6 modem for fast download and upload speeds

Simple Setup

Plug and play operation allows you to get connected in as little as 15 minutes

Flexible Connectivity

With 4 LAN connections and built-in WiFi, bring all of your internet devices online

Expansive WiFi

Advanced WiFi capabilities for fast and reliable WiFi performance

MoFi 4500 LTE Router

Expansive Mobile Internet with No Overage Fees

For High Speed Internet

UbiFi is committed to providing customers with high-quality unlimited 4G rural Internet without the burden of expensive overage fees or disruptive latency. Through hi-tech devices such as the SIMTELL 4G LTE Router or the MoFi 4500 and 5500 LTE Routers, UbiFi customers will be able to surf the web, stream 1080p video, or play online games in the comfort of their homes in rural America. Sign up for UbiFi today to experience the rural Internet service provider many rural town residents have grown to love!

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