Can Rural Residents Improve Their 4G Signals?

Having a mobile Internet company like UbiFi as your rural Internet service provider can have a host of benefits. From high speeds to low latency and availability in highly remote areas, UbiFi has worked hard to give rural residents all over America an Internet service that can compete with even the best satellite Internet service providers. However, our mobile 4G Internet service is not infallible, as you still need to be close enough to one of our cell towers to experience all the advantages that UbiFi can give you.

Some rural residents may feel like they are missing out on what mobile 4G Internet service has to offer because they live too far from a cell tower to get a strong signal. However, there is still hope for people in highly remote areas who wish to experience UbiFi’s services. If you are having trouble receiving a strong 4G signal, you may be able to use an antenna or signal booster kit to significantly improve your connection.

UbiFi’s flagship product is the MoFi 4500 LTE Router. This impressive device uses 4G signals from cell towers to power features such as LAN connectivity for 4 devices, WiFi connectivity for 200 devices, and NAS capabilities. This router is usually powerful enough to receive 4G signals on its own, but we also sell additional attachments such as LTE antennas for customers who are not able to connect to the Internet solely through the router’s capabilities.

Our LTE antennas such as the Wilson Outdoor Directional Panel Antenna can improve your signal yield by up to 10.6 dB and help you maintain a connection even when obstructions are blocking the nearest LTE tower. We also sell an assortment of cables you may need to install your antenna. If you need a way to connect your MoFi LTE Router to an additional LTE antenna outside your house, you can browse through our antenna cables until you find exactly what you need. On our online store, cables as short as 20 feet and as long as 50 feet are available, so you can take your time making measurements in your house before you choose one to purchase.

Before you spend any extra money on antennas or a signal booster kit, you should contact us through chat, email, or a phone call so we can help you determine whether you need these accessories to maintain a stable connection. We will analyze your network coverage based on your service address to determine whether these attachments fit your specific needs. You can reach us at [email protected] or at 888-240-3731.