Experience 4G Internet for Rural Areas

Many inhabitants of rural America have been looking for good alternatives to satellite Internet in their region. Rural areas are often unreached by most mainstream Internet providers, so rural citizens often need to choose from limited options such as satellite Internet or a cellular Internet service provider. As one of the mobile Internet companies leading the charge in this field, UbiFi offers customers unlimited 4G rural Internet with no data caps or overage fees. Try UbiFi’s 14-day Service Trial to experience the difference between high-quality cellular Internet and satellite Internet.

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Data Plans starting at  $129.99/mo

14-Day Service Trial Included with purchase of Gateway

How It Works

Expansive 4G LTE Coverage

UbiFi uses nationwide 4G LTE towers to provide Internet access to even the most remote rural towns. With 4G LTE speeds, users will be able to stream high-quality video, make downloads, and play online games with the aid of MoFi’s Cloudlink service. UbiFi also includes support for more than two hundred devices on the same server and four devices through a wired LAN connection. Forget the Hotspots that are too slow or non existent. 

Sign up for UbiFi today to experience high-performance, high-speed Internet without the data and device limits you’ve come to expect from satellite Internet providers.

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