Is 4G Mobile Internet Faster Than Satellite Internet?

Mobile Internet providers and satellite Internet providers have been competing for the title of the best rural Internet service provider ever since rural residents have expressed their desire for alternative Internet options. When it comes to providing access to the Internet for rural areas, both mobile and satellite Internet providers have remained competitive, even in the face of increased government efforts to establish a working infrastructure for high-speed broadband Internet access in rural America. In light of the similarities between mobile Internet companies like UbiFi and satellite Internet companies like Viasat, potential customers should be familiar with the advantages each type of Internet service provider brings to the table.

One crucial advantage that every potential Internet user is guaranteed to consider is speed. Both mobile Internet and satellite Internet are known for providing fast Internet speeds, especially compared to other rural Internet options such as dial-up Internet. But compared to each other, which type of Internet service performs better?

The answer is that it depends on factors such as which provider you have subscribed to and where you are situated geographically. On average, many satellite Internet providers can offer top speeds of around 15 Mbps. Based on where you live, mobile Internet providers like UbiFi have the potential to exceed speeds such as these. As we have communicated on our FAQ page, we cannot guarantee any specific speeds for UbiFi products or services. However, we can predict that if you are in an area that is comprehensively covered by one of the 4G cell towers we use to provide Internet access, you may very well experience higher speeds than satellite Internet providers you have previously subscribed to.

Another factor affecting Internet speeds that comes into play is latency. Latency is separate from Internet top speeds, but it can significantly affect the speed at which you use the Internet. Because latency can be exacerbated by the distance that Internet signals have to travel before they reach your home, satellite Internet is at a significant disadvantage in this area. Satellite Internet providers are known for having the highest levels of latency out of all Internet service types. In contrast, UbiFi and other mobile Internet companies use the existing infrastructure that is already close by in rural areas, namely the cell towers that are plentiful even in small rural towns. For this reason, mobile Internet will almost always have the edge if you take lag and delays into account when assessing the speed of certain Internet services. 

One last detail you should consider is whether your Internet service provider offers unlimited data with no throttling. Internet providers who practice throttling may slow down your Internet speeds if you are using too much data in their eyes.