UbiFi is Providing Optimal Service for Online Gaming

What things come to mind when you think of the perfect online gaming setup? A high-performance keyboard, a custom-built PC, and a good noise-canceling headset are all parts of the ideal gaming setup, but one crucial component that many people overlook is a good low-latency Internet connection.

Avoiding latency is essential for unparalleled gaming performance. High levels of ping are synonymous with game-breaking phenomena such as in-game lag and rubberbanding. In highly-competitive online multiplayer games such as first-person shooters, MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arenas), and fighting games, even the smallest delay in reacting can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Latency can slow down in-game reactions, throw off your timing, and result in frustrating losses. Losing a game you should have won because of latency is one of the worst experiences you can experience as an avid gamer.

While having a good Internet connection is a crucial piece of every gamer’s setup, it can be doubly challenging to find one in rural America. The press has thoroughly documented rural America’s lack of Internet connectivity. Because a significant number of households have no high-speed Internet access, many rural residents have experienced disruptions not only in gaming, but in business, medicine, and education. As a result, rural residents have come to rely on alternative rural Internet service providers such as UbiFi.

In addition to UbiFi, satellite Internet providers have been popular rural Internet service providers over the span of the past decade. However, satellite Internet companies cannot provide the best Internet for rural gaming because they are inherently predisposed to high latency. The distance between users and Internet signals traveling from satellites in outer space causes delays that result in high latency. 

In contrast, we at UbiFi provide Internet signals using cell towers that are nearly ubiquitous in all parts of the country, including rural areas. Since these cell towers are on the ground and in close proximity to our customers, our Internet service carries significantly less latency than most satellite Internet providers. Our latency response is typically less than 75ms, making our service ideal for most gaming applications. 

Furthermore, some of our products manufactured by MoFi allow customers to subscribe to MoFi’s Cloudlink service for the most optimal console gaming. Since 4G networks use private IP addresses, players using consoles may run into issues connecting to 4G networks such as “Strict NAT” or “NAT Type 3” errors. Cloudlink allows console gamers to prevent these errors for a seamless, enjoyable gaming experience. Try our service today with a 14-day trial to experience the difference UbiFi makes!