Updating the Firmware for your MoFi Gateway

A video tutorial by MoFi Network on how to perform the update can also be found here.

Before beginning the firmware update, please confirm which MoFi Gateway version you have. You can check the Gateway version by either checking the white sticker on the underside of the Gateway, or by going to, where the version is displayed across the top.

If your MoFi Gateway lists MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-V2, please click the following link to download the firmware:


checksum: 30cecb9145712e9b545b91aa4ac04191

If your MoFi Gateway lists MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-V3, please click the following link to download the firmware:


checksum: 09b032c1c2924f52ce3744572caa29cd

If your MoFi Gateway lists MOFI5500-5GXeLTE, please click the following link to download the firmware:


checksum: 7f322e1590204f6381fc92f69dbc04a7

Please make note of the download location as it will be needed later.

Note: Updating the firmware will restore the Gateway to its factory settings.

Please follow these steps to update the firmware for your Gateway:

  1. With a device connected to the Gateway (over WiFi or Ethernet), launch a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari preferred) and go to
  2. Login  to the admin panel with your router password (maybe different than your WiFi password).
  3. Once logged in, click on ‘System‘ on the left sidebar menu
  4. Then click on ‘Manually Flash Firmware
  5. Click ‘Browse‘ or ‘Choose File‘ on the Flash Operations page and then locate and upload the firmware file that was downloaded earlier. Once the file has completed uploading, click ‘Flash Image
  6. On the ‘Flash Firmware – Verify‘ page, if the checksum value matches the firmware version that was downloaded earlier, click ‘Proceed‘. (If the checksum value does not match, please re-download the firmware file to ensure file integrity.)

The Gateway will go through flashing the updated firmware and will reboot and be ready to use in 3-5 minutes.