Why Expanding Mobile Network Coverage Can Help Bridge the Connectivity Gap in Rural Areas

While many have discussed the lack of proper infrastructure for high-speed broadband connectivity in rural areas, mobile network coverage expansion can also be a viable solution based on the service we at UbiFi, along with other mobile 4G or 5G rural Internet service providers have been able to provide to rural communities. Because of how effective mobile Internet for rural areas can be, it may be worthwhile to explore the expansion of mobile coverage areas as a solution to the aforementioned infrastructural issues the government has been trying to address through spending and other initiatives.

Traditional wired broadband Internet will be challenging to propagate in rural areas because of the effort and finances required to set up new infrastructure. The varied and often rugged terrain in rural areas also acts as a geographic barrier that makes it difficult to set up wires for this. In contrast, the mobile Internet provided by companies like UbiFi takes full advantage of existing infrastructure in rural areas, namely 4G and 5G cell towers that perform the important function of enabling wireless communication through cellular phones.

Because of the sheer number of cell towers, even in areas considered highly remote, UbiFi and other mobile Internet providers have been able to offer high-speed, high-performance Internet access to every rural household within their coverage areas. As we have previously discussed, mobile Internet has given rural residents access to many essential services and opportunities, including eCommerce, telehealth/medicine, and online education opportunities. Small businesses and agriculturists can increase their potential for profits by reaching new customer bases outside of their communities using the Internet. Access to reliable high-speed Internet connectivity can also give agriculturists access to helpful tools such as precision farming and remote monitoring of agricultural yields. Because of mobile Internet’s potential for supercharging the rural economy, increasing mobile network coverage might be the solution rural communities need to overcome the digital divide between rural areas and most urban and suburban areas in America.

Potential plans for increasing mobile network coverage include adding more cell towers to the rural landscape, which can also increase the effectiveness of wireless communications in rural America. Furthermore, coverage can be increased by amplifying signals from cell towers and the development of new solutions for last-mile connectivity. At UbiFi, we have employed some of these technologies in some of our products, such as the Wilson Outdoor Directional Panel Antenna and the Wilson Wide Band Yagi Antenna which can improve your signal reception if you are having trouble maintaining a consistent connection to the signals provided by 4G and 5G cell towers in your area.