Why Rural Residents Should Switch from Dial-Up Internet to UbiFi

For many people, hearing about dial-up Internet is a throwback to simpler times when the World Wide Web was in its infancy and full of unrealized potential. Companies like AOL, Earthlink, and NetZero were giants in the Internet industry because dial-up providers were some of the only Internet service providers on the market. For most of America, these companies slowly left the limelight, paving the way for popular broadband Internet service providers such as Spectrum. However, for many others in rural America, dial-up Internet providers are some of their only options for staying connected to the outside world. 

Despite being seen as a relic of the past, companies like AOL are still very much alive today, doing most of their business in rural areas. The lack of adequate broadband in rural towns has forced many rural residents to rely on outdated forms of Internet for rural areas such as dial-up and DSL Internet. Although dial-up does not perform as well as fiber optic Internet and is much slower than every other Internet option, it is still cheap and readily available to customers in rural areas who do not have access to fiber optic Internet. A significant number of dial-up users have settled for dial-up because they are aware of the government and broadband companies’ slow progress on bringing broadband to highly remote rural areas. Fortunately, companies like UbiFi have worked for years on technology that will provide better solutions than dial-up’s nearly obsolete benefits.

At UbiFi, we have leveraged the existing cell towers providing cell phone coverage to rural communities to achieve our goal of being the best rural Internet service provider on the market. The benefits that UbiFi can offer to rural households are better than dial-up’s Internet service in almost every aspect. Our service is faster, more efficient, and carries lower levels of latency than dial-up Internet. While dial-up Internet’s top download speed is 56 Kbps, 4G LTE Internet can experience speeds as high as 10 to 15 Mbps, which is a drastic improvement. Unlike dial-up Internet, our service is ideal for online gaming, streaming entertainment, and other demanding activities that require top-of-the-line Internet performance. Instead of relying on a dial-up Internet service with slow data transfer speeds and unreliable performance, switch to UbiFi today and experience what it feels like to surf the Internet at high speed in the 21st century. The closer you are to the areas covered by one of our 4G cell towers, the more powerful your connection to our myriad of benefits will be.