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If you enjoy the thrill of competition and testing your skills against other players in your favorite online games, finding the ideal ISP for your gaming needs can be difficult if you live in a rural area. Players in rural areas have more limited choices for Internet providers compared to high-population areas. Furthermore, some of those choices, like satellite Internet, are not ideal for gaming because of high latency or lag. If you need low-latency, high-performance Internet access for online gaming, UbiFi can serve your needs today.

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UbiFi gives players access to high-speed, low-latency mobile Internet, driven by a nationwide 4G LTE network that gets you connected anywhere in the United States. If you’re having trouble connecting to the Internet on a console, you can also subscribe to MoFi’s Cloudlink service using one of UbiFi’s MoFi routers. Cloudlink will prevent NAT errors from occurring during console gaming sessions, ensuring you have uninterrupted, high-performance Internet access for the most intense, heart-pounding competitive multiplayer matches with friends and rivals. If you can’t wait to start racking up victories online, switch to UbiFi today.

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