UbiFi Unlimited 4G Home Internet

Is There a Better Choice for Internet While Camping?

Camping, traveling in an RV, and outdoor excursions are a great way to experience the many different bios and nature reserves the United States has to offer. However, many campers and travelers often experience problems connecting to the Internet and finding hotspots. Many campers look for satellite Internet for camping, but for several reasons, most satellite Internet providers can’t hold the title of best Internet for RV living. As a mobile Internet service provider, UbiFi can offer you several things satellite Internet does not. If you’re not convinced, try UbiFi’s 14-day Service Trial to see what we have to offer.

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internet service while camping

Data Plans starting at  $129.99/mo

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UbiFi Unlimited 4G Home Internet

Long-Range Wired and Wireless Connection with No Limits

In contrast to most satellite Internet providers, UbiFi offers unlimited data with no overage fees or data caps. UbiFi’s products also feature support for 4 LAN connections and include built-in Wi-Fi. You’ll be able to connect to UbiFi with more than 200 devices wirelessly, unlike satellite Internet’s limited support for devices. You’ll be able to stream high-definition video from your favorite streaming services, surf the web, or play online games with minimal latency, even in remote locations far from civilization. It’s the perfect solution for OTG and Nomads.

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