See Why UbiFi Is One of the Best RV Internet Options

Sudden losses of Internet connectivity are some of the most common setbacks avid RV travelers experience while traversing the open road and passing through highly remote areas of the United States. For moments when you need the Internet to communicate with friends or family at home or for using your trusty GPS, you’ll need a good backup plan. If you or your family would like to experience uninterrupted access to communication, entertainment, or road directions, switch to UbiFi, one of the best RV mobile Internet service providers in the country.

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How It Works

Data Plans starting at  $129.99/mo

14-Day Service Trial Included with purchase of Gateway

MOFI 5500 4G LTE Router


4G LTE Modem

Advanced 4G/LTE Category 6 modem for fast download and upload speeds

Flexible Connectivity

With 4 LAN connections and built-in WiFi, bring all of your internet devices online


Simple Setup

Plug and play operation allows you to get connected in as little as 15 minutes

Expansive WiFi

Advanced WiFi capabilities for fast and reliable WiFi performance

MoFi 4500 LTE Router
Rv internet service provider

Coverage Even in the Most Remote Areas

UbiFi’s nationwide 4G LTE coverage makes up for the blindspots of many mainstream Internet service providers and RV ISPs. Since its humble beginnings, UbiFi has focused on providing Internet access anywhere, from remote rural towns to places in the middle of nowhere, far from civilization. With an indispensable 4G LTE router from UbiFi, you can experience high-speed Internet with no overages and support for over 200 devices wirelessly. Even it is great for gaming and OTR! Sign up for UbiFi before your next trip throughout the country.

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