RV Internet Access Options

RV cellular internet access

Adopting an RVer lifestyle can lead to many new exciting opportunities and experiences. If you want to work remotely, watch entertainment, or stay in touch with friends while seeing the country, you’ll need to choose from the best RV internet options to find a reliable Internet service provider. If you plan on exploring the glories of nature and venturing off the beaten path, you’ll need an Internet connection that won’t fade in rural or highly remote areas.

Mobile Internet providers

RV mobile Internet service providers such as UbiFi are also focused on providing Internet for rural areas, but unlike satellite Internet providers, they rely on cell towers to give users an Internet signal.

This also gives such companies a reach that extends into highly remote areas, as cell towers are still usually ubiquitous even in rural towns. UbiFi also offers unlimited 4G LTE rural Internet with no overage fees, which gives it an edge over satellite Internet’s restrictive data policies.

Fiber optic Internet

This option may not be available if you are on the road, but if you find a good RV park, they may offer it. Fiber optic Internet access is top-tier because it is lightning-fast with no bandwidth limits. So if you can find a place that offers it, this is probably gonna be the fastest internet access you can get.

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet service providers transmit Internet signals from satellites in the sky. However, it can e pretty pricey and satellite provider such as Elon Musk’s Starlink have a long long wait that could take over one year. But also be aware that satellite Internet providers’ service often comes with disruptive latency and restrictive data caps.